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Brain Fitness & Mind Body Techniques

In 2014, Body Brain Connect presented Brain Fitness and Mind Body Techniques in a workshop titled the Pilates Brain and Brain-based Cues at the Pilates Method Alliance Conference in San Diego, CA.  Below are a few select slides from the presentation on various... read more

Embodiment & Neuroscience Workshop Notes

In August of 2014, Ilya Vidrin, Harvard Researcher, student at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and ballroom dancer taught the Embodiment and Neuroscience Workshop at Pilates with Anne in Petaluma, CA. Ilya was kind enough to share his workshop notes.  In the... read more

Body Brain Connect Podcast

On February 12th, 2014, Anne Bishop, Founder of Body Brain Connect, was interviewed on Alive and Well radio by Karena Thek and Crystal Lacy-Edwards. Click here to listen to the podcast. wait a few seconds for the intro music to complete and enjoy listening. Topics... read more