Body Brain Connect Podcast

On February 12th, 2014, Anne Bishop, Founder of Body Brain Connect, was interviewed on Alive and Well radio by Karena Thek and Crystal Lacy-Edwards.

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Topics included:

  • The 3 criteria of mindful movement
  • What is brain fitness   
  • Cognitive and Movement Flexibility   
  • How does your exercise practice train your memory?  
  • Mind, Brain and Education
  • How can exercise help your long term memory?
  • How can mindful movement train your working memory?  
  • Body Awareness and the Brain 

Here are some accolades:

“There is a tide change, there is a change of direction, and a change of awareness….

Anne I am pretty sure that, Anne you studying this, and you bringing forth a company like Body Brain Connect, you help to move this movement forward.  It’s all part of it. When Pilates was created, not only was Pilates happening, or the man Joseph Pilates creating his own exercise system…  there was Laban Movement.  There was a huge tide change a huge sea change. It was all these people together who created this…

Anne, I just thank you for being on the ground floor and taking that leap of faith, thinking that this is the direction it needs to go, and you are willing to spearhead it.”

Karena Thek 


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Read more about cognitive flexibility in the brain here.