Embodiment & Neuroscience Workshop Notes - Body Brain Connect

Ilya Vidrin

In August of 2014, Ilya Vidrin, Harvard Researcher, student at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and ballroom dancer taught the Embodiment and Neuroscience Workshop at Pilates with Anne in Petaluma, CA.

Embodied Neuroscience Cohort 2014

Embodied Neuroscience Cohort 2014

Ilya was kind enough to share his workshop notes.  In the workshop we touched on the following ideas:

 Day 1: Learn basic principles underlying the neuroscience of movement practice and understand the nervous system in the body and brain and how neuroplasticity can transform your practice. Investigate how sensation and perception relate to movement practice and engage in practical activities honing attention and body awareness.

Day 2: 
Learn about the neuroscience of the mind/body connection. Explore improvisational techniques relating to body awareness and engagement during teaching and learning. Interactive lectures and discussions about organization of the mind and body, and practical exercises for the mind/body connection.

Click for the Embodiment and Neuroscience Workshop Notes.