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Master’s Course begins FEBRUARY 2018

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Master’s Program Mission

The Science and Psychology of Teaching Master’s Program is an in-depth and demanding master-level course that provides Pilates teachers with the pivotal skills required to make greater and longer lasting impact on their students and achieve greater fulfillment in their vocation.  Through a HIGHLY INTERACTIVE process of learning and implementation teachers are propelled toward more intellectually and professionally rewarding careers both as movement educators and hands-on practitioners.

The SPT program exposes teachers to critical areas of teaching never before directly addressed in a full-length certification program including brain science and education, interpersonal relationships and motivation-enhancement techniques, dynamic brain-based body-awareness curriculum and advanced skills in verbal and manual cueing.

This 6-part online and in-person project-based program is focused on developing teachers who can teach to the whole person in a dynamic and powerful way enabling both student and teacher to cultivate new levels of interaction, integration and results.


Master’s Program Vision

Who is this master’s program for?

The SPT program is for teachers who understand that teaching is more than a technical endeavor which requires a fuller understanding of the body, brain and the whole person. We are looking for teachers who want to take their teaching to the next level by developing advanced skills in the areas of science, interpersonal relationships, and strategic teaching approaches that facilitate greater physical integration and self-efficacy for their students as well as more powerful and purposeful teaching tools for themselves.

Completion of this program ultimately positions teachers to take a larger stage, make a bigger impact, and create careers that will continue to grow and expand in a way that is consistently rewarding and lucrative.


What you can expect from the master’s program

  • Project-based and that project will help catapult them into what they want to do with their career.
  • Case studies can be prepped to be submitted to present at the PMA Conference.*
  • Presentation to be given live via a coordinated salon in Northern California or via video.
  • Four hours of private coaching with Anne Bishop and Chantill Lopez (2 hours each) to help you target exactly what you need to bring your project to fruition.
    • *The PMA is an independent body and will determine themselves if your presentation is acceptable.

Project options

  • Case Studies
  • Research Paper
  • Presentation
  • Video
  • Power Point or Prezzi
  • Website
  • Curriculum Development
  • Business growth/expansion

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Upcoming Training Dates, Cost & Logistics

Cost  $2600

Payment Options:

Deposit – $750

    • Payments of 2 or 3 available due in even installments before the end of the course.
      • 2 payments of $925
      • 3 payments of $616
    • Payments taken via PayPal. 
    • You’ll be asked to fill out a auto payment waiver that allows us to bill you accordingly.

TUITION Discounts (for Q & A participants ONLY):

  • Sign up within 1 week of the Q & A call and get a $500 discount on your tuition.
  • Sign up within 4 weeks of the Q & A call and get a $200 discount on your tuition

Referral Discount:

  • (Receive up to 2) $150 discount per referred teacher who puts down a deposit. 
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  • Module 0 Welcome (February 15th – 28th) 
  • Module 1 Course Introduction (February 15th – 28th) 
  • Module 2 Body Awareness & Brain-Based Cues (March 1st – 15th) 
  • Module 3 Psychology of Awareness (March 16th – 31st)
  • Module 4 Motivation (April 1st – 15th)
  • Module 5  Student-Centered Teaching & Positive Framing (April 16th – April 30th)
  • Module 6  Project Refinement & Practical Application  (May 1 – June 6)
  • Module 7 LIVE EVENT in Sonoma County, CA  (June 7 – 10)
    • Includes Thursday night dinner and orientation
  • Project Deadline  (July 1st)

Benefits and Perks

  • Earn 16 PMA CEC’s for the live portion of the course
  • Course includes 4 hours of one-on-one coaching from both facilitators
    • * The PMA Research Panel is an independent body and will use their own criteria to determine if you can present your information.  We do not guarantee submission.Successful completion of the course prepares teachers to submit presentations for the Research Panel at the annual PMA conference.*

Program Faculty

biopicChantill Lopez PMA-CPT founder Skillful Teaching

Chantill’s area of study focuses on how to develop the whole-person in teaching and learning, creating curriculum that provides a deeper understanding of the inter- and intra-personal relationships that make teaching such a complex and dynamic endeavor. Her expertise is follows the science and psychology of motivation, relationships, student-centered teaching/learning and how perception plays a role in the efficacy of student and teacher. Chantill is the founder of Skillful Teaching and creator of an international 12-month (2-year), live and online, mentoring program for Pilates teachers. She brings many years of online and in-person education to this exciting program as well as a long standing and varied background in meditation, inquiry practices, Pilates, yoga, functional anatomy, and somatic therapies. Chantill is also a Balanced Body Faculty member, previous owner of two Pilates studios, and coaches teachers all over the world. Learn more about her here.

Anne Bishop PMA-CPT, EdM founder Body Brain Connect

anne-photoAnne brings her passion for making science brain science accessible and pragmatic specifically for movement educators.  She shares brain research-based techniques and applies them to movement learning and teaching. Anne is the founder or Body Brain Connect whose mission is to bridge the fields of brain science and movement practice. Body Brain Connect was developed and refined by Anne Bishop at the Harvard Graduate School of Education in the Mind, Brain and Education (MBE) Masters program.  Anne also owns a studio in Petaluma, CA where she offers Pilates Teacher Training and Body Brain Connect Learning Labs and other in person workshops. Additionally, Anne is an online educator for Center for Applied Special Technology (CAST) and specializes in teaching the affective (emotional) network of the brain and how to improve teaching to create more motivation and engagement for all learners.  She looks forward to blending her experiences of online and live teaching and learning for Pilates professionals. Learn more about Anne here.

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