Online Education FAQ - Body Brain Connect


Q: How can Body Brain Fitness help my students?

A: Body Brain Fitness, asks you to look at your students from the perspective that physical fitness can improve brain health.  In this course you will learn research-based practices that help improve brain fitness.  This course can be particularly helpful for the follow populations, baby boomers, the elderly, people with neurological conditions, depression or emotional instability.  It is also helpful for anyone who is just trying to stay grounded in this busy world.

Q. What is brain fitness?

A. Brain fitness is the ability for your mind to be strong and flexible, just like your body. It includes:

  • Memory
  • Concentration despite distraction
  • Emotional regulation
  • Cognitive flexibility (ability to find novel solutions)
  • Executive functions (goal setting and planning)

this list is not exhaustive. 

Q. What is project-based learning?

A: Project-based learning means that during the course you will apply this new knowledge to your students/clients.  You will identify a a real world problem and use the tools learned in the course to improve his/her outcome.  We won’t just sell you video and hope you learn the information.  You will be assessed on your learning and we will help you with any misunderstandings. .

Q. How computer savvy do I need to be?

A.  We specifically chose a very student friendly online learning platform.  If you can type an email, you can take the course.  The company also offer support directly to students if you need extra help.  So far, no student, has had any major –or even minor issues completing the course, or accessing the material.

Q: Why does this online course have dates? Don't I just buy it and complete the course ?

A: This course has dates because we are not just selling you a video to complete on your own time. Rather we are creating a course of 5 modules to complete over six weeks.  You and your fellow students will together go work through the curriculum as a class.  Unlike other online courses you will connect directly with a teacher, Anne Bishop. She will comment on your work and support you to understand the material and how to apply it directly to your specific population.

Q: What is the weekly time commitment?

A: You will spend 2-5 hours per week watching, reading, discussing and engaging in the course content.

You will self-practice these techniques as much as you like. We recommend integrating them into your current workout.  If you don’t have a current work out we recommend you self-practice at least 2-3 hours per week. We get it, you’re busy.

Finally, we encourage you to practice teach and/or implement these techniques with your current students. You can do this anywhere from 1-3 hours per week.

Total time 5-10 hours per week. More if you increase your self-practice.



Q: What are, if any, the prerequisites for the program?

A: Pilates (450 hrs training), yoga teachers (200-500hr training), and, personal trainers should have at least 1 year of teaching under your belt will benefit the most from this course.  Practicing Physical Therapists and Physios and Chiropractors can also benefit from the Body Brain Fitness program.

Q: Is this program accredited through the PMA?

A: TBD. In the meantime you can petition the PMA for credits.

Q: Will you offer a payment plan option?

A. Email anne_bishop[@] directly if you need payment plan options.