FAQ - Body Brain Connect
Who can take Body Brain Connect Workshops?

Body Brain Connect workshops are designed for anyone with a body and a brain, however practitioners and teachers of Yoga, Pilates, other mind-body modalities will find it interesting as the information is tailored to this population’s particular needs and goals. You do not have to be a mind-body teacher.  Just bring your body, brain and curiosity.


How will Body Brain Connect improve my Yoga, Pilates or other mind-body practice?

When you learn new movements you change your brain.  Body Brain Connect workshops are designed to give you practical applications to improve brain health and movement learning based on relevant brain (neuroscience and cognitive) science.   
For example we teach quality scientifically researched modalities that improve brain function and health such as meditation, strength training, and aerobic exercise and how to implement these into your practice. 
Secondly, we teach you how to enhance your perceptions and attention so that you can effectively learn and improve your Pilates, Yoga and other mind-body practices.

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How will Body Brain Connect help my Yoga, Pilates or other mind-body teaching?

Becoming an excellent teacher requires a blend of intuition, intellectual pursuits and an avid curiosity. Body Brain Connect workshops align its education to honor teachers’ experience and past trainings. The workshops emphasize teaching the whole person; body, brain, and spirit in the style of the Mind, Brain and Education philosophy. Body Brain Connect workshops fill the gap in your mind-body training and teach you how the brain learns and perceives movement.  Such knowledge helps you become the best communicator possible to your students so that you can continue to improve and change their lives through teaching Yoga, Pilates or other mind-body modalities.


Will I get continuing education units? 

Body Brain Connect offers continuing education units for the following:

  • American Council on Exercise (ACE)
  • Pilates Method Alliance
  • Physical Therapy in California
  • Physical Therapy of Louisiana

Additionally Body Brain Connect has presented during both International Yoga Therapy Certification and Yoga Body Bootcamp Certification.  We are happy to help fill out any necessary paper work.


Cancellation Policy for Body Brain Connect

Body Brain Connect will refund 100% of the training fee when Body Brain Connect cancels workshops/trainings.

Customer Cancellation – Body Brain Connect will honor a refund, minus a cancellation fee of $50 when a customer cancels 21+ days from the original date/time training was to occur. If the cancellation affects a group rate discount the group rate discount will no longer be honored and the individual who cancels is responsible for the difference in price.  For example, if three students signed-up together and each received a $50 discount the canceling student is responsible for making up the difference. Customer must call 1-707-953-4570 to cancel, and then submit the cancellation in writing to:

35 Petaluma Blvd N. Petaluma, CA 94952 or email via anne_bishop [@] bodybrainconnect.com. Once the letter confirming the request for cancellation is received, the refund will be processed.